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I don’t usually paint, but when I do, somehow I improve a little bit more.

It took me a while to decide which colors would look best, I ended up using 2 bold and simple colors which me and my mom love so much.


this is also for her birthday. She doesn’t show much emotion but you can feel if she’s in a good mood. Chinese mothers are very VERY hard to please(and that is an understatement).

Comments? Commissions? Freelance work? email me at audzter@gmail.com, I’d really LOVE to hear from you guys!


Art Cards


Hey guys! Been a while since I last posted anything, really busy painting art cards. What really inspires me nowadays is Chinese cultureand paintings, just ANYTHING related to my culture. Being half Chinese half Pinoy, I wanna get back to my roots. And again I am also inspired by May Ann Licudine’s stunning work

I’ve also discovered flourescent pink poster paint which i LOVE aside from my addiction to GOLD acrylics. ANyway this is all for now šŸ™‚ Hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead!


how i missed thee

Acrylics. Yes I miss using traditional mediums cuz i haven’t touched them in a LONG time.

Did you know, painting traditionally has helped me so much in terms of coloring, especially when it comes to coloring digitally.

And I must say, to all those who’ve never touched their paintings in a while, try it out again. With a fresh eye and a sound mind, maybe it could help you to improve your digital coloring as well.

I was inspired by MAL aka May Ann Licudine, check out her awesome artwork! i love love love and adore her awesomeness.


i really LOVE this painting i don’t wanna sell it! haha! Well if you ARE interested please do leave me a message at audzter@gmail.com or give me some critiques or whatever! or just say hi! šŸ˜€

anyway that’s it for now, and umm may we stay sane during this overrated holiday aka “valentines” season.