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I don’t usually paint, but when I do, somehow I improve a little bit more.

It took me a while to decide which colors would look best, I ended up using 2 bold and simple colors which me and my mom love so much.


this is also for her birthday. She doesn’t show much emotion but you can feel if she’s in a good mood. Chinese mothers are very VERY hard to please(and that is an understatement).

Comments? Commissions? Freelance work? email me at audzter@gmail.com, I’d really LOVE to hear from you guys!


The Wallpaper Project: Day 7

Day 7: Bruce Lee

I love his passion and determination for life. yes i LOVE LOVE LOVE passionate men. Men without passion is a big turn-off.

The Wallpaper Project: Day 6


as requested, here’s spidey for day 6.

The Wallpaper Project: Day 5 Special

God save the queen!

May she continue to be as awesome as she is.

The Wallpaper Project: Day 5

Day 5: T.O.P. aka Choi Seung Hyun(my guilty pleasure)

Yes, I shamefully admit that I love kpop(specifically BIGBANG and SUPER JUNIOR). Forgive me but I really do have a liking for their music/dramas and they entertain me. Haters gonna hate!

i’ll be posting a superhero tomorrow so stay tuned!