Graphic Design

This was for a friend of mine who needed a poster for a fund raiser.

Traditional Paintings

Watercolor Style using Photoshop

Mabuhay Magazine(the official in-flight Magazine of Philippine Airlines) asked me to illustrate for them, and it was such an honor to work with them.

This one(BELOW) was a comic style I was developing while making the webcomic(still in progress) in cooperation with Mutya Moving Pictures, CICT, and NCCA. The style was scrapped because it was too tedious to do with the given deadline.

This was the new style for the comic.

This INDIAN inspired piece is one of my favorites, because of the culture, colors, lighting, and of course the message. 🙂

Indian Girl

Here we have an illustration I submitted for TDAC a.k.a. They Draw and Cook, check them out they have such an awesome idea and a great looking website.(BELOW)

This illustration was for the Children’s Illustrators group in DEVIANTART. The theme for that month was MERMAID, this was what I came up with. 🙂

This was for the Philippine Independence Day.

RADYO, tagalog for RADIO. This was supposed to be an actual animated short, but due to the lack of funding it also got shelved.

Watched “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, guess what happened next. tada! 😛

These two, I don’t know which looks nicer. Referenced from Alphonse Mucha’s “Moonlit” Painting.

That’s all I can post for now, it would be nice to get some critiques or maybe we can collaborate? I’d love to work with you!

email me at audzter@gmail.com for collaborations or new prospects or just say hi 🙂

All works here are mine and should not be copied anywhere else or distributed without my permission. ©


4 responses to “Portfolio

  1. Coolness!

  2. Your stuff is gorgeous! Talented bunny you are!

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