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of flowers and tea

2 color. free wallpaper ❤

Of Flowers

Told ya I’d post about the flower stall. Unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to find the lady that owned it. So I took pictures of it instead.

I recommend this to anyone who is living or near the area, if you need flowers asap; they’re always there.

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of Tea

“The Tea” (THAT really is the store’s name, i’m not kidding)

Mandarin Square along Ongpin St. Right next to Salazar bakeshop

This petite little tea place in the heart of Chinatown has been open since December 2011. Due to the unforgiving Manila heat, they have been doing well and have renovated into a bigger store.

Strawberry Pudding Green Tea Ice Cream ❤

le menu 

this Fruit Grass Jelly w/ nuts(yes, as awkward as it may seem, the dessert includes a little packet of peanuts) is your go to dessert when you want the mix of sweetness of red beans, watermelon, and mangoes + grass jelly + milk.

The place is a hit with the Chinese locals. The one behind the counter is a lovely Chinese girl who runs the store with her sister(and her brother I think? I’d have to get back to you on that one)

What makes them different?

  • The wide array of desserts aside from the choices of milk teas. Ice cream with fruits, Green Tea Icecream, Fruits in grass jelly and milk, etc. It actually took me 5 minutes just staring at the menu. PERFECT when you’re craving an iced cold dessert.
  • The newly added POST-IT wall. Good gods it was so pretty to look at with all the post-its; and almost all the posts are in Chinese! Don’t forget to write and say hi to the nice ladies when you drop by 🙂

 last but not least, let me introduce you to my eccentric friend, Gilbert Que.

“An Indian lover, a proud Chinese/Filipino-Chinese, an enthusiast of music, languages, and all things cultural.”

  Gilbert went to “The Tea” place with me this afternoon, and I must say, I always loved his company! He’s like a walking tour guide/culture addict. I even learned a bit of French and Korean from him from our past meetings. The caption says it all, need I say more? 🙂

he even gave me this bell keychain from Xiamen 🙂

i leave you with this song Strawberry Swing by Coldplay. I simply ADORE how they made the video, being an animator myself, I know how hard it is to make a stop motion video, and this is no exception to how great and hardworking Coldplay is in terms of making their videos.