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The Wallpaper Project: Day 10

Day 10: The Ice King from Adventure Time

Again for all you Adventure Time lovers out there, this one’s for you ❤


The Wallpaper Project: Day 7

Day 7: Bruce Lee

I love his passion and determination for life. yes i LOVE LOVE LOVE passionate men. Men without passion is a big turn-off.

The Wallpaper Project: Day 5 Special

God save the queen!

May she continue to be as awesome as she is.

The Wallpaper Project: Day 1

The 30 day project I was talking about the other time? Well, it has begun.

June 1, 2012 marks the first of the 30 day project/challenge that I hopefully won’t fail to finish.

Why do this project you ask?

  1. I am bored.
  2. Great for my portfolio.
  3. I need to boost my Photoshop/Illustrator skills.
  4. I just like to try and see if I can actually make it to the end.

I will still be posting about other stuff like my food-ventures and filmspiration stuff, but my main focus for this month will be on this Wallpaper Project.

The wallpapers would be about anything, pop culture, music, art, whatever comes to my mind really.

Wish me luck!

For Day 1, I give you, The King’s Speech.

stay tuned for my post on this new place I found “Cafe Mezzanine” ❤

Where the wild things are

RIP Maurice Sendak June 10, 1928 – May 8, 2012

Sendak gained international acclaim after writing and illustrating Where the Wild Things Are.The book’s depictions of fanged monsters concerned some parents when it was first published, as his characters were somewhat grotesque in appearance.

illustration based on Maurice Sendak’s “Where The Wild Things Are”


I try to be as productive as I can, learning new things everyday. But honestly, there are days where there’s just nothing coming out.

This so called ARTIST’S BLOCK . How do I cope with it? I don’t. I don’t force it. It just goes away eventually after a long process of procrastination frustration and doing nothing.

Well for those of you who really need help, here are just some of what I do to try and get things flowing again(WARNING: this works only 50-80% of the time, you don’t have to take my advice)

  • WATCH  MOVIES, SITCOMS, SHOWS, ANYTHING. READ A BOOK. – Why? to refresh your mind of course! Staring at a blank surface won’t get you anywhere and you’ll just end up frustrated, so instead of doing THAT, go watch a good movie/read a good book, get your juices flowing.
  • DOODLE IT OUT. – Like this recent blog post i read, A doodle a day keeps the stress away” (it helps you to get creative as well) Don’t be afraid to just let it go, get a pen/marker/pencil/etc and start doodling.

  • DO SOMETHING ELSE. – Cook. Do arts and crafts. Make a boat. Paint a picture. Take photographs of your siblings. Practice singing. Exercise. Learn to do magic. Write. Make a film documentary about your neighborhood. Go out and explore. Go on a date. Do SOMETHING. MOVE. LIVE.

If those don’t work, I guess you just have to wait till inspiration comes back again.

That’s all for my “trying-to-give-advice” part. Now look at the AWESOME I did in Photoshop.

Practice makes AWESOME.




He’s just misunderstood. 🙂