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Last day

My lovely BLOGWORTHY classmates.

Its was the 3rd and final day of the BLOGWORTHY workshop. Thanks so much to the wonderful Arriane Serafico of for helping me really see that I can be this awesome , independent, and strong woman that I am.
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Punchdrunk + Panda

In my previous post I didn’t get to talk about PdP(Punchdrunk Panda) so now I bring you…

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punchdrunk pandas and lame excuses

sweet cured pork(Tocino) + egg + garlic rice = lunch time bliss *a preview of my next post*

WARNING: For those of you who have .5 secs of an attention span, this may cause severe irritation due to the long post. But I assure you, there are more pictures than there are words. I warned you.

Your eyes will die (due to excessive exposure to vibrant colors)in 3…2…1…

I told you so. And yes, this is DAY 2 of the Blogworthy workshop.

5 Reasons why I love this workshop:

  • NEW FRIENDS. Being the most socially awkward person, its quite rare you see me going to events with a lot of people. But this little blogging workshop isn’t as populated, so its like a family/classroom type of feeling where everybody knows at least somebody. And as you’ve seen in the pic above I’ve met some really great friends like Bernice Cayco(she’s a friggin model for crying out loud, you don’t get to meet a model everyday you know).
  • Collaborations. Yes meeting new friends has its benefits. For example you meet this web developer, maybe you could collaborate on working on your website and you could design his website(if your a designer or something). Or collaborate with a fashionista to make web articles more fun and colorful with vivid designs.              The possibilities are endless.
  • Exploring new places. Before the workshop, I had 0% knowledge of the area (Co.lab Xchange was @ Brixton St behind Pioneer Center), how to get there is another story). Trying to find a new place is both exhausting and rewarding, you get to familiarize yourself with this whole new area, new shops to see, new restaurants to visit, etc. Plus we got to go on a lunch field trip, but more on that place in the next post. Plus I get to out of the house. (yes, being a freelancer I have been hibernating in my cave for a long LONG time and I needed this chance to go out and meet new people)
  • Getting your brain to work again. Seriously, I needed this blogging workshop that I never even knew I needed before. May the gods shine happy smiles and more blessings to you Wanderrgirl aka Arriane Serafico.
  • Learning new tricks of the trade. Stuff from ‘Finding your inner blogger‘ to ‘Tips for instagram-ish effects on Photoshop‘. My mind is ever so happy to learn new things.

Speaking of new things, and new friends, we met this super awesome girl who is one of the heads of Punchdrunk Panda. Nica Kim. And she told us all about how they started and what makes them different, and also shared the 10 Lame excuses the stops us from starting anything new.

10 Lame Excuses by Nica Kim of Punchdrunk Panda

  1. I don’t have enough time. B*itch please, I’ve heard that the nth time already. Have no time? Stop using Facebook. Stop watching re-runs of shows you’ve watched a thousand times already.
  2. I might fail. Dude it took Thomas Edison a thousand fails to finally invent a working lightbulb. You fall down 9x, then you get back up 10x. Simple as that buddy, failure isn’t an option.
  3. I’m not inspired. Then go do something else until inspiration strikes, take a walk outside, do a movie marathon with friends, bake some cookies. Anything to get you and your brain working and being productive.
  4. Idea isn’t original enough. That’s why its a challenge. You take this problem and turn it into a solution. Challenge Accepted. ‘What makes you or your idea stand out?’
  5. I can’t get started. Then start today. Start NOW as in right this moment, write down ideas, doodle ’em out, take pictures. ANYTHING. Just go, DO IT. 
  6. I don’t have my entire plan laid out yet. The plan isn’t perfect yet. Buddy, no plan is perfect, only God has the perfect plan. Your job is to stop worrying and just go. For example, you waste so much time worrying about the negative aspect, you haven’t even started. Hey, use the failure(IF you fail) as a learning experience.
  7. I’m taking way too long. Again, excuses. You have to get rid of your fear of failure. I am as stubborn as a mule but I learned to cope with my pride and my fear because I know in the long run this will be beneficial to me as a whole.
  8. I need to do market research. Yes yes, the research, the “googling”, the aahs and the oohs. There’s market research and there’s TOO MUCH research aka procrastinating. Stop it.
  9. I’ve got bills to pay or I have no money. I know this feeling believe me. (I’m not even earning anything regularly like my other friends working in studios) This is where learning to collaborate has its benefits, when you collaborate, you find a person who needs your talent/service and vice versa, thus equalling to an opportunity for growth in your experience and in your money(i hope), honey.
  10. There’s too much competition. There will always be competition, this again is a challenge you must be willing to face.
due to the excessively long post I will write about Punchdrunk+Panda and Milky Sunny(where Arriane took us to lunch and we all had a lovely free lunch and dessert, I urge you to stick around for the 2 posts cuz I made it extra special for you readers out there, if I do have any or I am just talking to myself :< ) So stay tuned!
Again a BIG BIG BIG thank you to Arriane Serafico and her lovely crew for this workshop!