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Cereal and Perfection

I’ve often had many cereal fails wherein you put too much milk and after a few minutes all the cereal becomes soggy and gross. (maybe there are people who like soggy cereal but I DON’T)

And then one day I thought to myself, why not put a lot less milk(not all the way filled up), it could save me milk for later.

Then the MAGIC happened.

Lo and behold, the cereal was covered with a nice amount of milk but still CRUNCHY at the same time.

For those of you who already know of this, I’m sorry that I only knew this PERFECT RATIO now.



How would you even describe something that is PERFECT? Maybe to me this bowl of cereal and milk was perfect, but what is it to another person? to you?

I never really liked how man always wanted to achieve perfection, specially for women. The PERFECT bodeh. The S-LINE. The sexy k-pop girl group “PERFECT” legs. Yes, I do look at these things and often let out a sigh

“I wish I had her body, her clothes, that car, that phone, money to buy things for me and my family, etc.”

But does perfection really equals to happiness?

I don’t know. Maybe a temporary happiness, yes. But after that, what next? A wonderful friend of mine told me that he “would rather spend on experiences rather on material things.”

What that means is, instead of buying that car, why not book a trip to Greece or Korea? Instead of buying that luxury bag, why not save it for that weekend getaway with friends? It may not be the perfect life, but it would be a very happy and fulfilling one, don’t you agree?

Anyway these are just my thoughts. how about you? What is perfection to you? What are some perfect moments in your life you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”
-Salvador Dali


Memoirs of a Geisha(2005)

Hello guys! I’m back after a long time of absence, I was taking care of my paperwork and stuff for my study in Singapore(OH YEAAAH!).

This was taken April 2012

Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish that 30-day challenge, oh well. Next time then!

Anyway, I shall continue to post Filmspiration for you guys!

Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)

Directed By: Rob Marshall

this was just one of the most beautiful shots I’ve seen in the movie.

Story wise, I am a SUCKER for period films as you’ve all seen in my previous posts. This movie did not disappoint, although it would’ve been better if the dialogue was in Japanese(they could just subtitle it and it would’ve looked even more authentic). Overall, not bad at all, even the OST isn’t bad.

This movie was all about their freedom, freedom to be who they were, to love who they wanted to, etc. A topic that a lot can relate to, specially women in under slave labor/domestic violence and the like. I urge women out there, if you can read this and you are oppressed in ANY way,

Please don’t be silent, don’t tolerate it. speak out, tell someone/anyone.

If you don’t have anyone to share your problems with, you can email me instead, or call your local help line. Silence won’t get you anywhere.

Anyway, what do you guys think of the film? Leave a comment or a suggestion below, or suggest a movie you’d want me to watch next.

 **COMING SOON to a theatre near you**

Speaking of Japanese movies, how AWESOME is the news of an upcoming Rorouni Kenshin Live Action Movie! *fangirl*

The trailer looks GREAT. I hope they do justice to the original anime. Anyway here’s a link to the trailer if you haven’t watched it yet. Share it with all your friends! Yeah!

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