of ramen and mochi

FInally, the long awaited post is here!

Me and my friend Ness went to The Collective, it was my first time to go there and I must say its more of a night crowd kind of place.

7274 Malugay St. San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati, Philippines

What is The Collective?

I think it was a warehouse before, now turned into a hip place for creative types to exhibit, eat, work, play, etc. It has retail stores, studios, exhibit areas, and some restos.

from their FB page:

An off-the-beaten path type of community housing artists, entrepreneurs, and free-spirits alike. A very bohemian vibe with art spaces, quaint cafes, various food choices, unique boutiques, an alternative rock scene for emerging bands, and so much more! Not your typical hangout in the bustling metropolis that is Makati.

le hipster hangout indeed~

Sanitation wise is below average. But it was worth a try, specially if you try the SHOYU RAMEN from WABI SABI.


is located in the depths of the collectiveYou can ask around to find the place. A quaint little japanese vegetarian resto.

The “SHOYU” they use for the Shoyu ramen isn’t made from pork, but FISH that tastes like PORK(oh yes and it melts in your mouth). Ness said the Thai iced tea isn’t bad either.

Those things on top of the Miso ramen? TOFU. Tofu that tastes like pork rinds(chicharon) HOW DO THEY EVEN MAKE SUCH THINGS? HOW!?

Prices are affordable for Japanese food.

Budget: 100-200php not bad indeed. ❤

What makes them different?

The food they serve is all vegetarian and affordable!

but if you can’t stand seeing some little critter crawl up a wall, I warn you now. It isn’t as clean as you think it is. dun dun duuuun.


ice cream/yoghurt + mochi, and again, need I say more?

I tried the Black Sesame & Strawberry Yoghurt flavor. i LOVE the strawberry yoghurt one so much! so yummy!

One response to “of ramen and mochi

  1. Healthy and Japanese and food! Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

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