Last day

My lovely BLOGWORTHY classmates.

Its was the 3rd and final day of the BLOGWORTHY workshop. Thanks so much to the wonderful Arriane Serafico of for helping me really see that I can be this awesome , independent, and strong woman that I am.

10 Things I’ve learned at put to heart(you can write this on a post-it or make your own list of 10 things to put to heart):

  • Don’t be afraid. You are not alone. Love, faith, and hope will always be there, you just have to stop being afraid to open your eyes.
  • Live your dream. Need I say more?
  • Speak your mind, share your ideas, no matter how down right bizzarre they might be.
  • Look at the people you admire, if possible, read about their lives and LEARN from them.

  • No man is an island. Deal with it. So, learn to communicate, reach out to family or friends, let them help you with whatever idea you may have or any problems that burden your heart.
  • Learn to doodle. Yes, doodle out anything, your dreams, your ideas, your insights. You never know, it might be the next great idea of the century, so don’t let it fly away.
  • Learn something new everyday. No matter how small or grand it may be. We only stop learning when we stop breathing.
  • Be friggin thankful. Stop whining and be thankful that you can even read this blog on a pc or a laptop or any techy device, that luxury alone proves you are better off than 70% of the population.(not real percentage but still you get my point)
  • last but not least, learn to speak your mind(*hypocrite*), but its true. If you have something in your mind, don’t just keep it to yourself(unless its absolutely unnecessary to share it or you’re an FBI agent or something). Share your problems with others, share your ideas with friends, let them help you. As I’ve said, no man is an island, no matter how you say you “work solo” or are “the lone ranger”. That is bullcrap. You’d still need advice from someone, you’d still need clients to give you work, etc.
Now that that’s done with, let’s all stare at the recap of how the workshop went, through pictures! yay! so happy with the polaroid pics (ecstatic really)

yay for freebies ♥

That’s it folks! New knowledge, new friends, new places to see. Why not try to sign up for a talk or a workshop today? What’s there to lose? We only gain more experience anyway. Now go my children, be free~

“Learn, to live. Live, to learn”

and yes the commas are very important, try taking them out, its a whole different meaning.

Stay tuned for my next post on food, I promise the next post will finally be the one about “Cafe Mezzanine”.


3 responses to “Last day

  1. uy schoolmate ko yan haha si Arriane Serafico sa St.Scho 🙂 la laaang haha

  2. sana magkaron ng next batch para makasama akoooo hahaa 🙂

    • i hope so too hahaha! 😀 pero baka maalanganin ka sa time though, pero you can email her namaaaan 🙂 punta ka sa site nya and hanapin mo email nya dun, she replies agad 🙂

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