V for Vendetta(2005)

V for Vendetta wallpaper I made

and another

Screencaps of the film after the jump


V for Vendetta

directed by: James McTeigue

cast:  Hugo WeavingNatalie Portman and Rupert Graves

I had a little crush on V, sorry I’m weird like that. Aside from the fact that he kills people, I love his passion for good art, music, movies, etc.

And I never knew this movie was where Natalie Portman shaved off all of her hair! The passion and hardwork she gives meticulously for each role she takes is certainly admirable.(i.e. Black Swan)

as you may have seen for the past few movie posts I’ve had, I always post the shots that I think have the best composition and makes my little film maker heart so happy so see. And sharing it with you guys makes it even better!

Do feel free to download the free wallpapers up top(Its a sample/teaser of sorts of what I’m going to try to do for the 30 day challenge starting June 1)

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