Punchdrunk + Panda

In my previous post I didn’t get to talk about PdP(Punchdrunk Panda) so now I bring you…

this TRIO behind PdP is what makes me so proud to be Pinay.(a girl Pinoy aka Filipino but I’m half Chinese too, but that’s besides the point!)

Here are a few of my fave items aka wishlist from their merchandise.

I know you want ’em too. Check out their site for more of their uniquely PdP merch!

Punchdrunk + Panda website here.

They also have their PdP-losophy which i LOVE. My close friends know how much of a passionate freak I am and this just adds to their awesomeness.

the eco-friendly one is a new Pdp-losophy, i think they haven’t included that yet in the website.

here are more stuff I found which I absolutely adore and am saving for to buy in the future.

how can you not WANT to have em?! my little artist heart burns with joy!

Also check out my previous post on Lames Excuses and Blogworthy day 2.

all images used are from the Punchdrunk Panda website.

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