Day 2 of the blogging workshop, Arriane Serafico aka the awesome girl behind Wanderrgirl, guided us toward this quaint little place called Milky&Sunny.

Their best seller is the Tapa(click for definition) with garlic rice.

Atmosphere of the place?

Cozy and lovely place for a sunday brunch or an afternoon snack(they have some pretty nice pancakes and french toasts) And the attention to detail! They have DENIM place mats! DENIM!!

where in the world can you find DENIM place mats?! only here. well its the only place I know of.

Budget: Around 100pesos to 250 pesos per meal, not bad since they have such a flavorful garlic rice!

lookie! they also make huge meals for POTLUCKS!

look at that fine ass looking wall.

the moment i stepped into this place i was like, “this is what i want my home to look like! cozy and cute and full of artistic goodness <3”

check out their FB page.

and why not drop by if your near the area?

MON-SUN, 7AM-10PM at 9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig.

email them at :

call them at : (632)+6542049

Sorry if I only have a pic of the Tapa(click for definition) meal, but i shall have my return to this place soon. And remember kids, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if your hungry and near the area, drop by Milky&Sunny! 🙂


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