of becoming a bird

Yep, a bird with magical rainbow wings that can fly me anywhere. B*tch i am serious.

Its almost halfway through the year 2012 now.

After assessing myself yesterday, I realized something, that I kept wanting to please everyone. I kept putting myself down because of the expectations I thought people had of me, even though there were none.

Always, this certain thing happens to me where I just loose interest in something immediately and I can’t find the passion anymore to continue, so I stop. I kept calling myself a failure after quitting some of my jobs. Without passion, work will be just “work”.

But isn’t it through failure, that we become stronger, and try again? Isn’t it through failure that Thomas Edison finally invented the working lightbulb?

As I quote from what my good friend Ness said,

“There’s quitting, and there’s learning when to quit.”

And that, is one heck of a good advice.

 I met new friends, new clients, i sacrificed a lot of things, learned more, became a better person. But I know this is not the end of it, its just the beginning.

You can be whoever you dream to be, and no one can take that away from you.

Think BIG. Think GOLD. Think AWESOME.
and I quote, from Barney Stintson from How I met your Mother,

6 responses to “of becoming a bird

  1. This is really good. This is just the thing that I needed to read today. Very inspirational. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Embrace your awesomeness – ’cause I can see it! You just have to claim it – and I mean REALLY CLAIM IT – and everything else will follow 😉

  3. ❤ it!!!
    …So I became, A BIRD!

  4. awww thank you deeleeo! 😀 yes let’s all be pretty birds and fly away! 🙂

  5. There was a huge typo on my quote… T_T

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