I try to be as productive as I can, learning new things everyday. But honestly, there are days where there’s just nothing coming out.

This so called ARTIST’S BLOCK . How do I cope with it? I don’t. I don’t force it. It just goes away eventually after a long process of procrastination frustration and doing nothing.

Well for those of you who really need help, here are just some of what I do to try and get things flowing again(WARNING: this works only 50-80% of the time, you don’t have to take my advice)

  • WATCH  MOVIES, SITCOMS, SHOWS, ANYTHING. READ A BOOK. – Why? to refresh your mind of course! Staring at a blank surface won’t get you anywhere and you’ll just end up frustrated, so instead of doing THAT, go watch a good movie/read a good book, get your juices flowing.
  • DOODLE IT OUT. – Like this recent blog post i read, A doodle a day keeps the stress away” (it helps you to get creative as well) Don’t be afraid to just let it go, get a pen/marker/pencil/etc and start doodling.

  • DO SOMETHING ELSE. – Cook. Do arts and crafts. Make a boat. Paint a picture. Take photographs of your siblings. Practice singing. Exercise. Learn to do magic. Write. Make a film documentary about your neighborhood. Go out and explore. Go on a date. Do SOMETHING. MOVE. LIVE.

If those don’t work, I guess you just have to wait till inspiration comes back again.

That’s all for my “trying-to-give-advice” part. Now look at the AWESOME I did in Photoshop.

Practice makes AWESOME.

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