A film that never was

Disappointment spreads all around. Expected better funding than what was offered, so we turned it down. My government’s system of things is really screwed up, i can’t even describe it.

We really wanted to push thru with this project though šŸ˜¦

oh well, till we get some decent funding, this will be another shelved project.

Story and Concept by Jeunesse Jao

Artwork by me šŸ™‚

if anyone wants to hire a writer for animation Jeunesse is the one you need. Seriously she is damn good.

Thanks to Mutya Moving Pictures for helping us though we didn’t push thru due to certain issues with funding and taxes. And thanks also to one of my inspirations for this animation, Kazu Kibuishi. His style has influenced me alot in my comic making process as well, i was inspired to use NIBS to traditionally ink my comics because of Kazu. šŸ™‚

that’s all for now, have a nice weekend!

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