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just another tuesday, got the urge to paint again! 🙂

this first one was a test to see if I got the hang of watercolors again.

this is for Neal 🙂

Then i made another one today, but I liked the cat more though.

with my stamped logo! 🙂

that’s all folks!



here’s a sneak peek of my ongoing web comic project with Mutya Moving Pictures.

that’s all folks! 😛

all images are owned by me and Mutya Moving Pictures.

A film that never was

Disappointment spreads all around. Expected better funding than what was offered, so we turned it down. My government’s system of things is really screwed up, i can’t even describe it.

We really wanted to push thru with this project though 😦

oh well, till we get some decent funding, this will be another shelved project.

Story and Concept by Jeunesse Jao

Artwork by me 🙂

if anyone wants to hire a writer for animation Jeunesse is the one you need. Seriously she is damn good.

Thanks to Mutya Moving Pictures for helping us though we didn’t push thru due to certain issues with funding and taxes. And thanks also to one of my inspirations for this animation, Kazu Kibuishi. His style has influenced me alot in my comic making process as well, i was inspired to use NIBS to traditionally ink my comics because of Kazu. 🙂

that’s all for now, have a nice weekend!

how i missed thee

Acrylics. Yes I miss using traditional mediums cuz i haven’t touched them in a LONG time.

Did you know, painting traditionally has helped me so much in terms of coloring, especially when it comes to coloring digitally.

And I must say, to all those who’ve never touched their paintings in a while, try it out again. With a fresh eye and a sound mind, maybe it could help you to improve your digital coloring as well.

I was inspired by MAL aka May Ann Licudine, check out her awesome artwork! i love love love and adore her awesomeness.


i really LOVE this painting i don’t wanna sell it! haha! Well if you ARE interested please do leave me a message at or give me some critiques or whatever! or just say hi! 😀

anyway that’s it for now, and umm may we stay sane during this overrated holiday aka “valentines” season.




a quickie doodle on Photoshop for this coming Valentine’s. Brace yourselves, FOREVER ALONE posts are coming(nah not really). I got a chance to watch some Evanescence videos again yesterday night and I still love their songs and the beauty of their umm…uniqueness. That’s why I was a bit inspired to make this.

Shame on me for listening to a song with Nicki Minaj in it, here’s the song. BUT it inspired me to draw her outfit in my own version, it was pretty.

that’s it for now! have an awesome February! Single or not i love you guys! 😀