Coloring Process

A cup of tea, some sliced apples, some nice tunes from Grooveshark. GAME FACE: ON.


I think its time again that i show the coloring process for the comic I am making for a client. And for those helping me color this. (thank you so much without you I’m dead now)


oh you know what this is. Convert it to Black and White 1st. Then adjust the threshold till the lines are all visible and almost all the specs/dirt is gone. Flatten image. Clean it up using the BRUSH tool colored WHITE.



Why is this so important? Well you can do it your own way, I personally think this can help your work be cleaner. What you do is get the MAGIC WAND and SELECT the FRAMES IN BETWEEN THE PANELS. Now make a NEW LAYER while there is still the selection. Then FILL it with any base color you want.

This way, when you start to color a panel, all you have to do is go to this layer we made and MAGIC WAND the empty panel you will color, then go make a new layer and start coloring. That way, there is no coloring outside the lines, everything is neat, easier for all of us.



this part is the one i hate and love the most.

color it in baby. add shadows. highlights.



ohohoho I’m such a cheater. Well this is how i get my work to look nicer so…THERE. Add the gradients where you think it looks the best. Adjust, experiment, play around with the SOFT LIGHT, HARD LIGHT, OVERLAY, MULTIPLY, LIGHTEN, etc.



If your’e still not satisfied with what’s in front of you, DO NOT FEAR, add another gradient overlay of a different color (to set the mood even more) then adjust it to SOFT LIGHT or OVERLAY or WHATEVER is best. Then TADA! Your’e done, now repeat process all over again for the 70+ pages to go.


have fun coloring~ *snicker*

You may not copy, reproduce, or do anything to these images without my consent.

One response to “Coloring Process

  1. Using the gradient tool for digitally coloring drawings isn’t considered cheating. Unless you’re challenging yourself to manually paint every hue and value variations then repaint if it doesn’t look good… All in one layer >:D

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